Electronics for kids

Rahul Agarwal
2 min readMar 1, 2023
Breadboard humor.
Breadboard humor!

My son is very interested in circuit boards and other electronic components he comes across. I tried to look for books and learning guides but they are for older kids. Some kits are very custom made and expensive. So in this series of articles there are some basic exercises to help very young kids see and understand the electronic devices that surround them.

I’m using real, inexpensive components that they can touch and break. Also there is the excellent site, Tinkercad where you (the adult) can create and simulate the circuits. I simulated the circuits in this tool and my son would then try to create them with the components.

To follow along, if you need similar components, search for a “starter electronics kit” in Amazon/Google and it should be around $10.

Each lesson is meant for a 20 minute attention span.

Lesson 1 — Why are we doing this?

Lesson 2 — Connect some components and light up a LED

Lesson 3 — What is a transistor?

Lesson 4 — Wave for a buzzer

Lesson 5— NOT logic gate from transistors

Lesson 6 — Using a NOT gate for a night light

Lesson 7— AND logic gate from transistors

Lesson 8— OR logic gate from transistors

More lessons coming soon!